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Invest in distressed notes backed by hard assets, vetted and managed by industry veterans through Bridgefield's Notes Direct® program.


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Why Invest

In Distressed


Capitalize on Distress

With stock and bond markets in turmoil, Bridgefield's Notes Direct® program offers accredited investors seamless access to an investment platform that allows you to directly invest capital into loans sold by banks and other lenders that are secured by high value assets.  These loans are purchased for pennies on the dollar and are either repaid at their full priced original balance, or allow our investors the ability to convert their loans into ownership of the underlying assets.  Distressed note purchase are an ideal vehicle to capitalize on market dislocations.

Low stock market correlation

The performance of distressed notes is not closely correlated with stocks and bonds.  Our Notes are secured with hard assets to provide capital preservation in volatile environments.

Unmatched access

Bridgefield has access to a continuous stream of attractive opportunities to acquire performing, sub-performing, and non-performing commercial loans through our relationship with the nation’s leading banks, life insurance companies, and other loan sellers.  Bridgfield's Notes Direct®  program allows individual investors to easily invest in curated, institutional grade bank loans secured by high value assets.  

Distressed Note Investing

Strong Asset Coverage

Bridgefield targets loans backed by high value businesses and real estate 

Senior Secured

Bridgefield targets credit opportunities including purchases of secondary market first and second lien debt, stressed and distressed loans and bonds, and trade claims which are senior and/or secured in the capital structure meaning that we are first in line to get paid.

Short Duration

We typically target durations of one to three years.

Equity Returns with Credit Risk

Bridgefield note investments target equity like 15-20% level returns with the lower risk profile of credit investments.


The performance of distressed notes is not closely correlated with stocks and bonds.  Our Notes are secured with hard assets to provide capital preservation in volatile environments.


Deep Industry Knowledge

​The Bridgefield team is made up of investment managers that average 20+ years experience and collectively have $1+ billion in successful transaction experience from distressed investment groups like Bridgefield Capital, Ilex Capital, and others.

Low Fees

We cut out layered fees of larger institutions to deliver a fee structure more than 20% lower than traditional investment funds.

Evaluate Individual Deals

Bridgefield allows investors to select the investments they wish to participate, not be locked in to investment funds.




Getting started is easy. Tell us your goals, and our team will help you select loans to match.

We source thousands of note and loan opportunities annually and select just a small subset for investing.  Our data model targets opportunities that we believe demonstrate attractive relative pricing with downside protection.

Step 1: Sign up on our web site- it's free

Join our community of investors and explore educational resources allowing you to capitalize on distressed debt note purchases

Step 2: Review & Select Individual Offerings

Bridgefield shares individual note and loan purchase opportunities with you that meet your investment criteria

Step 3: Collect returns on your loans

Bridgefield services loan, including workout and restructuring with the borrower while providing investors current payments as loans are paid on.

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