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Opportunistic Credit

Bridgefield's flagship opportunistic credit platform, Bridgefield Credit Opportunities Fund,  is an opportunistic credit investment fund that seeks to generate attractive investment returns through the acquisition of discounted credit securities whose value can increase through corporate restructuring, operational turnarounds, or asset dispositions.  The strategy seeks to invest in otherwise attractive companies with strong competitive advantages, that may be overleveraged to the point of requiring a restructuring of their balance sheet. Such investments may include the purchase of bank notes, loan pools from distressed banking institutions, corporate bonds, and trade claims. Through this strategy, the Fund is seeking to create ownership of assets and companies at significant discounts to their intrinsic or enterprise values.

Our strategy is designed to (i) maximize returns and minimize risk across credit and business cycles; (ii) provide equity like returns with credit risk profile; and (iii) have a limited correlation to broader market indices.

Return Objective

Target 15-18% net IRR*; 5-7% distribution target, paid semi-annually

Investment Characteristics

Focus on credit opportunities including purchases of secondary market first and second lien debt, stressed and distressed loans and bonds, and trade claims. The Partnership intends to primarily target debt opportunities which are senior and/or secured in the capital structure. Opportunities will be evaluated with a bias towards limiting downside risk while still targeting attractive returns.  The Partnership’s objective is to attain consistent capital growth over time, largely independent of market movements.



North America and Europe





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