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Access to Direct & Curated
Private Investments

Expanding Opportunities
for Individual & Family Office Investors

Welcome to Bridgefield Capital

Bringing investors exclusive, fee-efficient private market opportunities typically reserved for institutions.

Private Equity

Deploy long-term strategic capital in a range of sectors with high-growth potential.

Private Credit

Invest in core private credit opportunities that strive to provide current cash flow and help minimize downside risk.

Real Estate

Access private real estate investments that cover a wide range of property types, including multifamily, office, industrial, retail, and hospitality.


Attractive Long-Term Investments

We believe alpha is found in the significant, long-term value creation historically afforded by alternative investments.


Access to the Bridgefield Ecosystem and Network


We leverage the extensive Bridgefield ecosystem and networks for expertise and access to opportunities unavailable to most investors.


Agile, Opportunistic Approach

Our investment philosophy and approach allows us to be nimble and creative, and to act quickly to take advantage of timely and differentiated investment opportunities.

“We bring together individuals and family offices to access compelling direct private investment opportunities with the scale of a powerful multibillion-dollar institution.”

Joe Mathews, Co-Founder and Managing Director

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